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About the site

After 20 years immersed in the world of gambling — building a portfolio within some of Eastern Europe’s leading casinos both online and brick-and-mortar — we took everything we learned and loved about the industry and created

Developed and maintained by the region’s top software professionals, offers the best, securest, and most innovative online gaming experience. From the enormous selection of games to a fun atmosphere with something new and exciting around every corner, this is the ultimate cryptocurrency casino.

FortuneJack was built for newcomers and veteran gamblers alike. Our imaginative, carefree environment ensures consistent entertainment no matter what your online gaming preferences may be.

Our core values are as follows: providing customers with a highly diverse selection of games, delivering unmatched service, and presenting Provably Fair gambling for all experience levels and budgets.

We’re pioneers: our research, experience, and passion has culminated to form the highest quality cryptocurrency gambling experience online. And our commitment to staying on the cutting edge ensures that other options will continue to stay second-rate.

Welcome to the Crypto-Vegas community, where the players always come first!


Coins are our in-game currency. Course: 10.00 coin = USD 1.00

You can buy coins on the page coin purchases or receive for free up to 10 coins every 15 minutes, on the page free coins

Fair game

The random number generator creates provable and absolutely honest random numbers that are used to determine the result of each game played on the site.

Each user can check the outcome of any game in a completely deterministic way. By providing one parameter, a client hash, to the inputs of a random number generator, cannot manipulate the results to his advantage.

Random number generator Allows each game to request any number of random numbers from a given initial client number, server initial number, and one-time number.

affiliate program

Invite other players to our site at your referral link and earn 5% of our profits from each bet made by your referral.


Money earned on promotional codes is FORBIDDEN. Why?

Because it is like a 'Demo' mode for familiarization and enjoyment of the game.

We show only to those who replenished their balance.

The minimum deposit on the site is USD 5, the minimum deposit for withdrawing is USD 25.